Great is the Lord

I love the song ‘Great is the Lord’, by Hezekiah Walker. It’s a great song, you should listen to it. You can listen to it here

I was listening to it on repeat. Praising and worshiping and thinking about 

God’s greatness. Thinking about how we praise him because he is good and great and not because of what he has done for us. 


It made me think… 


There are times when we don’t feel like praising God because we feel he hasn’t answered our prayers or when the answer is not what we want. Why is that? Should we be acting like that? As in, God is great even without us. He is worthy of the praise that we give. 


Praise is a beautiful thing that we love to do for our maker and our master. It is not and should not be dependent on how we feel on a particular day. I am also guilty of thinking that I cannot praise God for his greatness until he has come through for me, until my prayers have been answered. But that is wrong, I was wrong and I see it now. Clearly. 


Praise is not situational. It should not be situational. God is good and God is great regardless of what you and I are going through. In good times, God is great. In bad times, God is great. God is always great. He does not change. 



I know, when you are going through a rough patch, when you are being falsely accused, when you have lost your job and are not getting any leads, when you are losing your home, when you have lost a loved one… God feels so far. Actually, it feels like God has abandoned you when you are going through rough patches like this. When you look around and everyone has a good reason to keep praising and saying ‘God is good and God is great’. When it feels like a rug has been swept from under your feet and you can barely breathe. It feels like God has turned his back on you. 


I don’t know why things like that happen. I can’t take the pain away, God also doesn’t take the pain away. You go through it, go through what feels like hell. When you come out at the end, the situation will still be there. The loved one will still be gone, the job lost, the house lost, but, it won’t hurt anymore. The pain and the memory of the pain will still visit you, but you will remember God being with you through it and you will start praising God. At the end, God will still be there, waiting for you with open arms.


God is great and worthy to be praised.   

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