The Bad days
‘Today was not a good day.’ That’s what my daughter sadly said to me at the end of what was a very emotional day. 
It was book day at school, she went as puss in boots. Brown boots, red cape, hat and little sword and all. Unfortunately her dad cut the cape string too short so as to fix it, it broke and fell apart at school. Then she tried to take her sword out and the handle broke and she couldn’t take it out. 
She somehow lost the Puss In Boots Book she had taken with to school. 
Icing on the cake of a very bad day…. she was supposed to have her swimming lesson and she changed and waited for her coach. Only for her coach to come and tell her that he was not feeling well so the lesson would be moved…. again. 
Her daddy says she got into the car and tears started rolling down her eyes. My baby had been so strong the whole day, holding back the tears. Now she was with her daddy she couldn’t hold it any longer. When he asked her what was wrong she said she didn’t know. But the tears continued to roll. 
It broke my heart. To hear that my baby had such an emotional day. All I could do was to give her a hug and tell her that tomorrow will be better. We prayed about it and asked God to make her heart better and for her to have more good days than bad.
When she is feeling better, we can go through the day again to make sure she understands that bad days come and go
I have a lot of those, but I am the adult, I am used to that. I wish I could do something to make sure that her days go better, but I know that will be crippling her. I cannot go to school with her, I cannot smooth all playground squabbles for her. I cannot align everything in her life so that she has smooth sailing through out. She needs to go through it. Experience all the good and the bad that comes with being here. She needs to build her own coping mechanisms. I can assist, be there to comfort at the end of the day. Be there to remind her that tomorrow will be better. But she needs to go through it. Being a parent is not an easy job, especially when our little ones have challenging days like these. 

Thinking about it though, it must be how God feels when we have bad days. When we come to him, having held it in for so long. The lesson I want my kids to get out of life is that bad days come and bad days go making way for good days. I want them to know that through all these days, good or bad, God is still God and he is right there next to them. They should never ever think that they are on their own. I cannot always be with them, but God is. And that is all that matters. 

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