There really is a lot to do in Montagu and we barely scratched the surface with our overnight weekend trip. We still managed to have lots of fun and do lots of things.
Guano Caves
We arrived in the afternoon, later than we had wanted to but still early enough to see some attractions. Our hostess recommended Guano caves as they have animals and that’s always a hit with children.
 It was a bit underwhelming as the only person we saw who could assist was the lady at the door when we paid to get in. There was no one on site so we could not get any rides as none of the animals had anyone whatsoever. Miss T loves petting animals, there was no one to be seen and we did not know if we should pet the animals or which animals were pet friendly. The rabbit house was also unattended. Minus not being able to pet or touch the animals, Miss T enjoyed herself. She was able to chase the geese all over the farm and that made her very happy. Oh, and she saw ‘Old MacDonald’ driving a tractor and that added a plus to her trip.
Picnic: We had packed a picnic basket and we had a lovely picnic outside the cottage where we were staying. There are a number of amazing places in Montagu to have a picnic, but we arrived late and we did not want to be out too late on the first day with 2 small kids.
Hiking: There are a lot of hiking trails around Montagu and we got to go on one on Sunday morning. Little Gem cottage is literally across the road from the Montagu Mountain Reserve and we went on the simple Lover’s walk.
Cape Dry: I honestly had never heard of Cape Dry until I came to Montagu. I only knew of Montagu the nuts company :-). Which we saw when we arrived. I honestly wish I had done my homework a bit more because this place was super cheap. I thought Montagu would be cheaper so I did not buy as much as I could have. I regretted as soon as I got to Montagu. I will definitely be back for this little gem.
Avalon Springs: Where do I start? The initial plan was to spend Saturday morning here, but as you know, we left Cape Town late so we decided to go on Sunday morning. We were not sure what we would find. The website stresses the fact that they allow only 300 day visitors which made us wonder about the nature of the facilities. Because we went off peak, it wasn’t packed at all. Parking was a problem though. For day visitors, they don’t have much in terms of parking. Which makes me wonder about the nightmare that peak is. The place is huge, but with 300 people I think it gets rowdy and uncomfortable. But we didn’t get any of that. When we walked in, we were met by an amazing lady, Natasha who works for DreamVacations. She welcomed us and made us feel at home. They were running some promotion at the resort and had a jumping castle set up and she was asking if Miss T wanted to go and braai marshmallows with her. After jumping a bit, she did. She was the only one on the jumping castle at the time and she loved not having to wait or be shoved by bigger kids. The pools were amazing. You have different sized pools with different temperatures. You simply go to the pool you are most comfortable and in you go. The toilets left a lot to be desired, but there were not that many people so they were manageable. This is going to be our winter retreat. This really was the highlight of our weekend getaway.
Montagu Factory shop: This is right at the start of Montagu. Unfortunately with all the stop/go’s and roadworks, it is easy to miss it and we did when we were getting in. This was the only fruit drying and packaging company I knew in Montagu so I thought they would be super cheap. 🙂 Boy was I wrong. This was the last place we visited and I kicked myself for not getting more things from Cape Dry. Not only was it super expensive, it was cold and dark inside and the shop assistants were sitting outside.

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