Faith like love is one of those ‘common’ words that we use so often but apply or show little. Children are amazing little people! I guess we were also amazing at that age, we’ve just grown up and forgotten how amazing we are.



Maybe let me give you the background first. When I make plans for activities with my children, I don’t let them know in advance. In case something happens or something comes up, then I don’t have to break their little hearts. And sometimes the countdowns to an event can get crazy (like being asked 10 times in a day if tomorrow is the day when the day is 30 days away)!

So I usually let them know on the day or the day before.



Right, back to the story. So on this day I had wanted some fresh air and was debating whether to take them to the beach, bike riding or Kirstenbosch for a hike. The indecisiveness meant I took too long and by the time I had decided I felt it would be too late for a hike, so I figured a picnic at Kirstenbosch would be ‘cleaner’ than beach sand. So I went to the kitchen to get the basket ready.

My ever observant chicks were watching me intently and finally caught on that I was going somewhere. They asked if they could come and I said I would think about it. My daughter followed me around the kitchen (to see if the food was worth her time I guess), all the while asking me if they could come.

My son on the other hand promptly ran to his room to get socks and shoes and started getting ready. I asked him where he was going and his response? ‘So that he can be ready to go when I say yes!’. What a beautiful response! Saying no was a real possibility, but he went ahead and started getting ready for a yes.



Faith! What a beautiful word! The bible in Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”


My son did not know what I would say, but he believed for a yes and started getting ready. It was a beautiful reminder to me that I need to have faith like that. To believe that God is going to say yes and put my shoes on in anticipation for a yes. It’s a small thing you say? But isn’t how it all starts? With small things? Faith is about believing, not about size. There is nothing too small or too big for God. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…


My prayer is that my children and your children grow up with faith like this or even stronger faith. Believing God’s promises for them in the bible and living lives of faith. My other prayer is that as parents we can also have faith like our children. That we can learn to trust God and have mustard seed faith that moves mountains. That our children can see our faith and also move mountains.



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