Can I tell you a secret? First, let me give a bit of background. A couple of days ago, a Facebook friend tried to go to Muizenberg beach and was extremely upset to find it packed. It wasn’t overly packed, but there were too many people and the beach does feel uncomfortable and unsafe when there are too many people. She couldn’t swim like she had wanted (and it was a very hot day that day) so she went home and took to Facebook to complain. 

I didn’t understand why she was upset as she had lived in the area for years and I really felt she ought to have known better. (Read my post about the best beaches to take children to understand).

Cape Town weather is strange at times, but when it gets hot, boy does it get hot. And everyone wants to run to the beach to take a dip. If you have that thought, then the chances that other people are thinking that are quite high. 

Now back to the best times to visit Cape Town. 

1. Cape Town is tourist haven, avoid visiting during peak times if you can. Everything will be packed, malls, restaurants, hotels, parks, beaches. December is a bad time to come to Cape Town if you are looking for some peace and quiet. Come in November or January, the weather will be great, the kids back at school and the crowds greatly thinned down.

2. If you like the beach, on hot sunny days, avoid beaches that are easily accessible. This includes Camps bay and the Southern Peninsula beaches. These are everyone’s go to beaches as there is easy access to public transport. One of Cape Town’s best kept secret beach is Llandadno. Parking is a problem, but once you are there, you have a nice beach with few people and great water. 

3. Winter is a bad time to come to Cape Town if you want to do outdoor activities. It can rain nonstop and prevent you from going outside. This is from about end of May to October. 

4. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year eve, New Year’s Day, day after New Year’s Day. These are bad days to go to the beach. Make plans at home, visit your friends, but do not go anywhere near the beach or roads leading to the beach. Tourist attractions will also be packed on these days so plan something to do at home. You can always go out another time. 

Remember to be considerate and kind to other people if you find yourself out at the times above and you are caught in a crowd. Unless you are in a privately owned space, remember that everyone has a right to be there. Enjoy your stay in Cape Town.

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