About Me


My name is Karabo, a girl from Botswana, married to a guy from Zimbabwe, and living in Cape Town, South Africa with our daughter and son. I am a full time working mum, blogging when everyone has gone to sleep. I am a sharer, I love sharing ideas, tips, resources and I blog about my busy but great life as a mother in one of the best cities in the world.  

I used to run quite a bit, but now I am content to take long walks around the block. I have oscillated between being a vegetarian and eating meat for so many years. I am now working up the courage (willpower really) to go full vegan. I have written a fictional ebook and published on amazon, you can buy it here. One day when time is my best friend I will write a lot more books. For now, I am content to write here as well as on my other blog: karabojhamba