I don’t think I have ever talked about my hair here. Or anywhere for that matter. Not that it is a sensitive topic, I guess IĀ am not really overly into hair šŸ™‚ (Don’t judge or get upset please).

I do a lot of my own mixes for body lotion and hair oils and even shampoo with black soap (I will share recipes later).Ā The main reason is thatĀ a lot of things are added to products and if I am not sure if something is good or not, I just don’t use it. A couple of years ago I read about parabens and decided I would go paraben free. This is not always easy, especially with beauty products so more than half the time I make my own.

I joined rubybox at the invitation of a friend and was pleasantly surprised to get a chance to try the new botanic Tressemme co-wash with no parabens, dyes or sulphates. Of course it still has a long list of ingredients with fancy names that I cannot even pronounce, but I gave them points for having noĀ parabens, dyes or sulphates.

IĀ had not used store bought products in a while so I was a bit cautious at the beginning. I used it for a month and I loved the product. It smelt absolutely amazing. Came in handy when I was undoing and detangling my daughter’s hair.

I used it in place of my usual products (African black soap and hair mayonnaise). I love the smell like I said and the simplicity of not having to premix anything before hand. My hair was noticeably softer and stronger, but I still had a significant of shedding. I will definately continue to use it, perhaps alternating with my usual products and definately on holidays away from home.

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