My husband was away over the Christmas holidays so we didn’t get to spend the holidays as a family. We decided that we would have our family holiday in the new year so we booked a long weekend in Knysna. We went to Knysna before we got married and after we got married but before we had kids. We loved the serenity and small town feeling of Knysna. While Knysna appealed to us as adults, we were not sure if would appeal to the kids so we googled things to do and our list consisted of the following:

Walking with Elephants

  • Knysna Elephant park: This was top of the list. Miss T was super excited when she heard she was going to see elephants in real life. We chose Knysna elephant park as it was right outside Knysna. Not only did we get to feed and touch and walk with elephants, but we saw zebras and swans up close as well. She loved walking with the elephants and touching them. My totem is an elephant so for me it was a dream come true. I was at home.


  • Boat ride: This was on our list but we were extremely happy when we checked in to the holiday home to find that it came with a complementary boat ride. How cool is that? And boy was it a cool one. We all enjoyed this one.

Boat ride

  • Kayaking: This was on my husband’s list and the choppy sea and sick child made him ‘chicken’ out of doing this.


  • Walks: I have taken my running up a notch and I thought we would have time to run or go for long walks, but this we also did not do due to having a sick baby and no time.

The Heads, Knysna (1)

  • Garden of Eden aka Garden Route National Park: The first time we went to Knysna this was called Garden of Eden. It is a short walk but it was an enjoyable walk.


  • Bollard Bay Beach: If you have been following this blog, you know by now how much Miss T loves water. Whenever she sees water she has to go in. We were directed to a not so packed beach, Bollard Bay when we checked in and it didn’t disappoint. The water was nice and warm, beach not packed at all, no waves and super clear blue water. What more can a 4 year old ask for? She was right at home.

Bollard Bay Beach

  • Drives: 7 lakes: We didn’t do this one because my daughter complained about Knysna being too far (We drove) so we skipped on activities that involved her being in the car for too long. But I think on any other day, she would have enjoyed the drive.


Miss T has tonnes of fun, even forgot how long it took to get there on the drive back. Minus a slightly feverish baby Sunday afternoon (Fever suppositories worked wonders), we had lots of fun, rested well and were ready to officially start our year… in February 😊. Baby will need to revisit when he is older and not sick so we will definitely be going back to Knysna. There are a lot more things to do in Knysna with small kids. Have you been to knysna before? What are some of the things you got up to there?


Knysna Elephant Park

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